About Dawn Joi

Queen of Everything“Joi” is an emotion we all strive to achieve in life.  And although at times it seems to escape our grasp, Dawn Joi has captured its essence in its purest form.  She believes it is the most important driving factor in our lives, which is why she creates Joi everyday in her holistic artistic studio for beauty and health.  Acknowledging that Joi is a fruit of the spirit, this artist extraordinaire has incorporated Joi into every facet of life.  She has learned the secret recipe to a “Joi-ous” life and wants only to share that recipe to ensure that others are able to attain that same Joi, thus allowing for a more abundant life.

Based out of Chicago and New York, Dawn Joi is one of the most dynamic and talented artists in the beauty industry today.  From a very young age, Dawn Joi has studied the many techniques and applications of the beauty industry and has perfected her craft.  

Dawn Joi has done it all – from running one of the most prestigious salons in Chicago to styling celebrities and actors for film in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.  With over 25 years of experience, Dawn Joi is one of the premier hair designers in both Chicago and New York.  She has trained at the renowned Pivot Point International Cosmetology Center, Vidal Sassoon, Aveda, Sebastian, and Truman College in Chicago just to name a few.  It is at these institutions where she both received her training as well as served as a professional instructor.  Whether it’s Pure Form Haircutting or Corrective Hair Color Solutions, Dawn Joi does it all!  Her educational training has both national and international reach.  From New York to California; from Toronto to London, Dawn Joi’s extraordinary talents can be found on movie sets, television shows, commercials, magazines and runway models.

Dawn Joi offers a multitude of all-natural health and beauty services for the mind, body and soul.  It’s where science, beauty and health all meet to serve one purpose: to nurture the human spirit in the most organic way possible.  Her philosophy originated from Dawn Joi’s desire to treat the whole person, inside and out and not just one aspect.  Her mission is to bring “joi”, balance and harmony to every person it touches.  Dawn Joi believes in treating every aspect of the human spirit: from the depths of the soul to the essence of the heavenly temples we refer to as our bodies.  Using only natural, organic products and services, Dawn Joi has extensive years of professional training and experience that is required to deliver these services.  She is the consummate hair designer.  But just as important as hair and make-up, Dawn Joi has made a name for herself in the world of holistic healing.  A well trained proponent of natural and homeopathic healing and remedies, she is also an educator and provider for those seeking to learn more about the natural ways to maintain healthy bodies and heal ourselves naturally.  She is a certified classical Pilates instructor.

Queen of Everything GifDawn Joi focuses on the many different factors of life that make us “Joi-ful” individuals. She incorporates a total well-being approach that includes hair, skin, body, nutrition, holistic healing and clothing/fashion.  She is the one-stop shop for becoming a better, brighter and beautiful person.  Dawn strives to be an inspiration not only to her clientele but to anyone who seeks true beauty and true health.

Dawn credits her successes to her faith in God and her life-long commitment to celebrating beautiful women of all races, ages, and backgrounds.  She also believes in giving back to the community, educating the youth (especially young women) and making people laugh is the true secret behind a “Joi-ous” life.