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“My grandmother had a stroke and took medication everyday. She shared with me high blood pressure runs in the family. So, I am a Vegan so I won’t have to take medication…and so I can fit my skinny jeans.”

Cup of JoiA Cup of Joi is a delicious, yet nutritious meal planning service that is guaranteed to satisfy both the body and the soul. It includes delicious recipes and advice for a healthy lifestyle and so much more! Using only vegan recipes, Dawn Joi combines healthy, organic products with special seasonings and spices to create the meals that mom used to make – only healthier! From breakfast fruit smoothies to Sunday soul food dinners, Dawn Joi does it all!

Have a special diet or particular health concern? Let Dawn Joi create a “Cup of Joi” especially made just for you! Would you like Dawn Joi to help plan healthy meals for you

and your family? Or if you are just looking for information on how to live a healthier lifestyle and are looking for delicious and nutritious recipes, come see what Dawn Joi has to offer! Contact Dawn Joi to learn more about A Cup of Joi Meal Planning services.

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Dawn Joi’s Tip of the moment:

Invest in a salad spinner!

It’s one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Keeping your salad and other leafy green vegetables clean and dry will help preserve the nutrients in the salad. Not to mention they’ll last much longer than just keeping them in the fridge.

Healthy substitutes:

Try Hemp or Almond milk in place of regular cow’s milk…

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What else should we know?

After School Matters Demo

After School Matters got the JOIbusiness! The teens had some JOItime!
In 2 days the children had 2 JOIlates (Pilates) sessions. They learned to make and sampled green vegetable and fruit smoothies. They learned basic facial and nail grooming. And of course some JOItalk.