…A Mental Stimulation through Natural Apparel

Years ago I was burned out of my apartment and became homeless for two years.  During that time I met a famous athlete.  True to his manhood he asked me for sex.  Because of my WOman-hood, (sold out NOT a sell out) I told him “My Coochie is NOT a Hoochie”, “Trust me…I’m Different,” I am “Sacred and Stunning.”  I also told him “My Butt is NOT a Slut.” I am the “Queen of Everything.”  You are NOT my “King of Everything.”    I immediately went on a search for tee shirts that had slogans to resemble what I told him…all to no avail.  I turned lemons into lemonade.  I launched JOITEES!

JoiTees is the lovechild of creator and designer Dawn Joi. Dawn Joi has dedicated herself to spreading “joi” and love in a chic, yet eco-friendly way. Her JoiTees (tee shirts) offer versatile fashion with a conscience and a touch of humor. The inspiration for this collection of inspirational and stylish tee shirts is derived from the life lessons and spiritual insight of their creator. The slogans on these JoiTees touch on a wide range of topics – from spiritual to personal and from serious to humorous, there is sure to be a JoiTee that expresses how you feel or conveys a message you want others to know.

JoiTees are earth-friendly and made with 100% organic cotton, natural hemp and bamboo. JoiTees come in a variety of inspired slogans, colors and designs and are printed with eco-friendly water-based, chemical-free ink. And because of their all-natural composition, JoiTees stay true to size and won’t fade! JoiTees are designed to inspire both the young and old and cross barriers of race, color, gender or creed and appeal to many different tastes and styles. With sizes ranging from newborn onesies to adult 3X, panties, thongs, mens briefs, pets, greeting cards, embellished tees and new slogans; these JoiTees are truly made for everyone! By donning a JoiTee, you are not only spreading the spirit of “Joi” and love but are also celebrating the connection that we all share with our planet – and there is nothing more “Joi-ful”!

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